Upgrading Xendesktop to version 5.6 database issues

To evaluate the new options in Xendesktop 5.6 and in particular the personal vDisk option we decided to upgrade the current Xendesktop 5.1 environment. Upgrading XenDesktop in our test environment went well except for a particular warning.

As far as I can tell we followed the instructions in the Installing and Upgrading to XenDesktop 5.6 document on the Citrix website. So what’s up with this message. We started de management console and all seemed to work fine. Connecting to the vSphere backend and setting up the initial steps.

Then we needed to add machine to a streaming collection and got the following error, Desktop Studio: Database could not be contacted. But Desktop Studio is running fine and we can create a collection!?

After some searching on the internet I found this Citrix forum article which depicts our problem. So I ran the powershell commands mentioned in the article:

Asnp Citrix.* #loads all Citrix powershell
Get-BrokerInstalledDBVersion –Upgrade

The output is in the screenshot below and it clearly confirms that there is a database mismatch.

Solution: do a clean install or follow this article http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX128748 . We chose the first option to make sure we would not be troubleshooting upgrade problems.

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