How to Series XenMobile 10 – Require Device Manager enrollment to choose XenMobile Enterprise

In the previous version of XenMobile it is possible to offer an end user the option to choose whether or not the device should be managed. If the choice is made to manage the device, the user basically enables the XenMobile Enterprise edition features. If the choice is made not to have the device managed the XenMobile app editon features will be used on the device (Compare XenMobile versions).

If the choice is enabled the users is presented with the following message:

Enroll : Worx Home can secure your iPad in addition to your work apps. Do you want to enroll you device?

XenMobile 9: Require Device Manager enrollment

Fellow blogger Rink Spies wrote a nice blog on how to this in XenMobile 9 and in short the steps are described below:

  1. Log in to the XenMobile App Controllerhttp(s):///4443/ControlPoint/main.html . This App Controller is responsible for the Application Management in a XenMobile 9 deployment
  2. Select  the Settings tab
  3. Select XenMobile MDM from the menu and click edit.
  4. To enable or disable the use of the MDM options during enrollment select or deselect the “Require Device Manager enrollment”
    Require Device Manager enrollment

XenMobile 10: Require Device Manager enrollment

In XenMobile 10 this feature is still available but more hidden in the configuration. The steps below show how to enable an end user to choose between MAM and Enterprise mode (MAM and MDM).

  1.  Log in to the XenMobile 10 console; https://<Xenmobile-server-fqdn>/4443
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click Server Properties
  4. Go to the search box and type “require” to find the results containing the option “Enrollment required”
    Require Device Manager enrollment
  5. This option, if selected, will give the end user no choice to have the device managed. The device will simply be managed!

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