Install NXtop Engine 4.0.5 prepare

Today I finally received a new laptop (HP Elitebook 8760W) which is on the Citrix XenClient HCL but not on the Virtual computer NXtop HCL. According to Virtual Computer this model will be supported End of Q2 2012. But nevertheless i want to try and see if it will run the current release NXtop 4.05. Exept for the graphics card, which is not supported at the time, the machine is more than capable to run a type 1 hypervisor.

Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM, AMD FirePro M5950  1 GB GDDR (1920×1200), 16Gb mem, 160 GbSSD and an extra drive bay for a HD

What steps do we need to conduct to install NXtop 4.05 on the laptop

1. download the NXtop Engine and Nxtop center

2. create an USB boot device to install the NXtop engine. Virtual computer has a nice install instruction on their website

3. Upgrade or install NXtop center if you want to or need it. It is not neccessary to run the NXtop engine

4. Boot the engine machine from the USB stick and follow the instructions

5. After the install connect (if you have NXtop center) to NXtop center

After I finished the process I found out that the model is indeed not supported. I does on an EliteBook 8530w.

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