Xenapp Session disconnect when autolaunching in a RES Workspace Manager environment

At a customer we try not to use Fatclient and focus on 100% XenApp for delivering applications. But sometimes you need a Windows fat client because of Hardware or software constraints. Because we use a RES Workspace Manager environment to lock down and control this environment it is a logical step to manage this Windows fatclient using RES WM. And since we also want everybody to use the central XenApp environment we use RES VDX with subscriber to control the launch of the published desktop. This works fine in most environment

When testing this setup the auto launch worked like a charm and the RES managed published desktop starts. Almost at the end of the composing part the XenApp session gets disconnected. After some troubleshooting in the environment I found the following information event  in the event-log of the XenApp server:

Using the www search engine I came across this Citrix article, Error 9009 The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0x40010004). Sometimes it’s that easy.

Following the article I created a Microsoft AD policy that sets this value.

I used a value of 10 at first and when it did not work I assumed the value is in milliseconds. So I tried a value of 3600 which solved my problem.

The curious thing in this is that if I connect from the same machine using the web interface all works like a charm I can log in on the published desktop without being disconnected. As the article states “On some client machines, the XenApp Plug-in needs more time to establish the ICA session.”.

My guess is that the RES processes take longer than the XenApp plugin has time and therefore disconnects the session.

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