How to Series XenMobile 10 – Configure Actions

In this episode of the How to Series XenMobile 10, I will show you how to Configure Actions for mobile devices.

What are actions in XenMobile

An action is an operation triggered by an event, device property, user property or an installed app name. For example the device property of an iPad is jailbroken. On the detection of this status you can set an action, to for example, do a complete wipe of the device.

So how was this done in the previous versions off XenMobile?

XenMobile 9 – Configure Automated actions

  1. Log in to the XenMobile Management console;  https://,devicemanager-fqdn/zdm/console/
  2. Go to Configure and open the policy tab
  3. In XM 9 actions are called “Automated actions”
    Configure Actions
  4. The options available are, as far as I can see, the same as in XM10

For more detailed information on how this is done in XenMobile 9 see the Citrix eDocs. And now how to do it in XenMobile 10:

XenMobile 10 – Configure Actions

  1. Log in to the XenMobile Management console;  https://<xms-fqdn:4443
  2. Go to Configure and select the Actions tab. Here you can add new actions or manage the existing policies.
    Configure Actions
  3. Next click add to create an action
    Choose a Name that depicts the function of this action so your fellow admins and yourself know what this action is about.
    Configure Actions
    And click next
  4. Now comes the details part. Theactual configuration of the action you are creating.
    1. First choose the Trigger. In this example a device property called “Jailbroken or Rooted” that will set the action in motion when true.
      Configure Actions
    2. Next you will need to set the action when a device is “Jailbroken or Rooted” and how long you will  allow the user of that device to fix the problem. In this example a selective wipe of the device and the user has 1 hour to fix this issue.
    3. Click Next
  5. Last configuration step to whom you will assign this action. In XenMobile these are called Delivery Groups (More on that in a future blog article). In this example I chose the default “AllUsers”
    Configure Actions
    Click Next
  6. The summary and click “Save and Deploy” to activate your action.
    Configure Actions

All done and have fun configuring actions to manage mobile devices! For more detailed information see the Citrix eDocs

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