How to series Citrix XenMobile 10 – Add a Citrix MDX application

In this episode of the How to series Citrix XenMobile 10 I’m going to show you how to add a Citrix MDX application. If you have experience with Citrix XenMobile 9 or earlier it is not all that different. All options are there but Citrix reorganized the whole look and feel of the XenMobile management interface. Also for the task of adding applications to XenMobile. Applications should be wrapped using the Citrix MDX toolkit. Robin Hobo wrote a nice article on how to do this.

Adding applications in XenMobile 9

In a MDM only scenario you an add unwrapped apps to the MDM console. In a XenMobile Enterprise scenario applications are added to the MAM (AppController Console). I will quickly describe the steps you take when adding a MDX wrapped application to the AppController console:

  1. Log on to the AppController console https://<appcontroller.fqdn:4443
  2. Go to the Apps and Docs tab
  3. Choose the mobile OS you want to add the application for
  4. Click the Plus sign to add the Citrix MDX wrapped application
    Add a Citrix MDX application
  5. Configure all options you want to set for the uploaded application

Adding applications in XenMobile 10

Adding a Citrix MDX application in XenMobile 10 is basically not that different. The major change is in the interface and how Citrix is presenting the applications to the administrators.

The interface change from an OS oriented view to an app oriented view. Personally I think this is a good and functional improvement  because it is about the apps and not the OS.

So how to add a Citrix MDX application in XenMobile 10:

  1. Log on to the XenMobile Server (XMS) https://<xms.fqdn>:4443
  2. Go to the Configure tab, Apps and click Add
    XM 10 Add App
  3. Next is a window to choose the type of app you want to add to your XenMobile managed devices. That can be Web Links, Enterprise apps, Web and Saas, MDX or even applications from public app stores like Google play or Apple AppStore. For this article we choose MDX.
  4. Choose an administrative name for this application that is distinctive. And a description that explains what the application is for. This name is only visible to the administrators. Next choose an app category if you want to or leave it at default.
  5. On the left side choose the platforms you need to deploy the app to. In this example iOS and Android. Next step is to upload the wrapped MDX app for Worx mail and fill out a name, description and all other fields neccessary.
    Do the same for the Android MDW application.
  6. If approvals are needed you can choose a workflow or create a new one designed for this application. I choose None for this example.
  7. Choose a delivery group or groups to make sure the correct collection of users get the app they need
  8. Save the configuration

Now you are done and the application is ready for deployment to your devices.

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