How to series on XenMobile 10 ( and vs 9)

This is the first post in a how to series on XenMobile 10. |After the announcement of XenMobile 10 at the Citrix Summit in Las Vegas, Citrix has now released a unified mobility solution into the market. Especially when compared to their XenMobile 9 release! The main changes are on the administrative side not on the user side of the solution. In this main article I will link to articles that will show you where to find the features of XenMobile 9 in the XenMobile 10 and how to configure these features.

how to series on XenMobile 10


How to series on XenMobile 10

  1. How to install XenMobile 10 (via Rink Spies)
  2. How to add Device Policies,  like a predefined WiFi network
  3. How to add applications for iOS, Android etc
  4. How to configure Actions, f.e. mark a device non compliant
  5. Require Device Manager enrollment to choose XenMobile Enterprise
  6. How to create Delivery Groups
  7. Creating role based access
  8. Adding Google play store
  9. Certificates

Have fun configuring XenMobile 10 (Titan) release! And if there is a demand for more how to’s please let me know!

Added: XenMobile 10 Documentation


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