How to Patch XenMobile Device Manager and check the result

Recently a Citrix XenMobile emergency patch for the Citrix Device Manager appeared. To apply the fix I needed to find out on how to patch XenMobile Device Manager. I also wanted to know how I could check if the patch was applied and if I could see which patches where already applied. (This article is based on the readme.docx found in the patch zipfile and a Citrix blog ).

I found out how to apply a patch to a Citrix XenMobile Device Manager server and here are the steps:

  1. Copy the .jar file or files to ” [Install location] XenMobile Device Manager tomcatwebapps[instance_name]WEB-INFlib” (on all cluster nodes, in a clustered ZDM config)
    Default [instance_name] = zdm )
    ( Default [Install Location] = c:program files (x86citrix )
  2. Restart ZDM service
    XenMobile Device Manager Service
  3. Please wait a minute or two as the service restarts. The is resource intensive as you will notice in the task manager
  4. When the server is back to normal we can check if the updates van been applied. This can be done by opening a browser and go to the following page:<instance-name>/help-patches.jsp . To give you an idea what this look like a before and after screenshot:Before

As you can see al lot of files have been overwritten and since the console is available and I can enroll/manage a device! Upgrade/patch succeeded. Of course I could check the version number in the XenMobile Device Manager Console, about tab.


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