How to analize Citrix server blue screen

How to analize Citrix server blue screen correctly in a Citrix / Microsoft environment? To run a correct analysis you need the correct symbol files from the different software vendors. This is very tedious to do manually but luckily there is a quicker way:

You can automatically download the symbol files for Microsoft and Citrix. So how do you set this up:

  1. Download the Debugging Tools for Windows 32 bit and/or 64 bit packages (download and info)
  2. In the start menu browse to “Windows Kits Debugging Tools for Windows” and choose the WinDbg.exe applicable for your platform x86 or x64.
    Windows debugger
  3. In the debug tools select file to access the menu and open ‘symbol file path’
    Symbol file path
  4. Insert the symbol server paths as described in the articles mentioned below:
    1. Use the Microsoft Symbol Server to obtain debug symbol files
    2. Citrix symbol files location
    3. Eventually you should see a Symbol Search Path box like the picture below
      symbol paths
    4. Click OK to close
  5. Now you’re ready to analyse a crash dump without having to worry which symbol files are needed
    Open Crash dump

Have fun analyzing crash dumps for the citrix server blue screen.

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