Nx Top 4.0.4 available for download

As per the virtual computer website NXtop 4.0.4 is available for download with the following enhancements:

  • 4.0 supports Intel 2nd generation core processor with integrated GPU (Sandybridge)
  • 4.0 supports platforms with NVIDIA GPUs without Optimus using NVIDIA’s proprietary driver
  • 4.0 MAY support platforms with NVIDIA GPUs with Optimus ‘if’ it can be disabled in the BIOS. This support is achieved using the open-source Nouveau driver which is experimental. These platforms will not suspend/resume reliably
  • 4.0 does NOT support ATI GPUs. Problems exist with the ATI driver and the Linux kernel version we are running. We are trying to get ATI to help with this issue. If you have a platform with ATI GPUs, please use V3.1.5 and please verify its compatibility by using NxTop Ready tool

The update can be downloaded on the Virtual Computer website

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