How to Series Xen Mobile 10 – configure XenMobile 10 with Google play store

In this episode of the How to series on XenMobile 10 (Titan release) I will show you how to configure XenMobile 10 with Google play store

XenMobile 9 Google play store settings

In the XenMobile 9 Application Controller console the Google play store configuration can be found under:

  1. Login to the App Controller Console http(s):///4443/ControlPoint/main.html 
  2. Go to the ‘Settings‘ tab
  3. Select ‘Store Credentials‘ on the left side and there you can edit your google play store account.
    Google Play Store config in XM-9
  4. Please note the Device ID or find a new Android device to get the Device ID from. In the Google Play store are several apps that will get you the device ID needed to get this to work.

XenMobile 10 Google Play store settings

If you are configuring the Google Play Store for the first time you can skip the previous part on XenMobile 9 and move on to the steps needed for XenMobile 10.

  1. Create an account with Google to be able to access and download apps at the Google Play store, Create an account
  2. When your account is done, log in with this newly created or existing account and go to the account page, top left, and click on the profile pic to see the account option appear
    Google Account Page
  3. Search for the Signing in header on the Account settings page
    Google play account settings
  4.  Set the Access for less secure apps to allowed. More on this can be found at Google
  5. Next step is to log in to the XenMobile Server (XMS) for the admin console of XenMobile, http(s)://<XMS-Server-FQDN>:4443
  6. Go to the ‘Configure’ tab
  7. Select Settings on the right hand side
  8. Click ‘More
    configure XenMobile 10 with Google play store
  9. And click Google Play Credentials under the Server headingGoogle Play account
  10. Fill in the Google username created earlier f.e. (1), Use the primairy account name not a secondary!
  11. Fill the correct password created when your account was created (2)
  12. Use the Device ID from the XenMobile 9 deployment or a new one you obtained at the beginning of this how to. (3)
  13. Save the configuration (at the bottom of the page) and you are done

April 2015 Update: More detailed info now avalable via Rink Spies, Citrix XenMobile: How to lookup the Google Play Device ID

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6 Replies to “How to Series Xen Mobile 10 – configure XenMobile 10 with Google play store”

  1. Hi Martijn!

    Can I use this method to deploy 1000 devices. I want to use only one Google Play account for all of them.



    • Yes you can the google account is used to get the applications from the playstore so they can be installed on you’re end points

  2. Hi Martijn,

    Small question:
    What if we use a general google play store account to install apps from the playstore on a bring your own device. I see two scenario’s:
    1: no personal play store account configured yet (new device)
    2: a personal play store account is already configured

    Will Citrix change the device config and set de general google play store account on all the devices (new and already in use devices).
    Meaning changing the personal play store account on devices that already are configured?

    Or will the general playstore account only be used to install an app by XemMobile and the local play store account settings will not be touched?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • The personal google account will not be touched. XenMobile uses the google account so you can choose apps from the playstore to distribte to users. So your last remark is correct. Thank you for reading my blog.

      • In my experience it doesn’t work this way. This mechanism only provides a link to the app from the Worx Store to Google Play. You still need a personal Google account to actually download and install the app. Or am I doing something wrong?

        • You are correct. The google account you need is to read the play store so you can distribute the link to a app to your users. The actual download is via the users own google account. A account the user will have anyway (corporate or private) otherwise you do not have access to the play store. Apple works a little different because but functionally the same. Thanks for the comment.

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