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How to Series XenMobile 10 – Add Device policies


In this episode of the How to series on XenMobile 10 (Titan release) I will show you how to configure XenMobile 10 device policies.

XenMobile 9 Device policies

As you probably know (or not), XenMobile 9 and earlier editions had a slightly different approach in their architecture. It was composed of a MDM and a MAM part. Although both components have (some) MDM capabilities most settings on MDM were done in the MDM console. And when looking at the new XenMobile 10 interface the old one looks quite cumbersome.

XM9 device policy

You can set various options per OS type (iOS,Android, etc) and create device policies that can be assigned to deployment policies, again per OS type. A policy is managed by OS type and not through the required functionality.

XenMobile 10 Device Policies

In XenMobile 10 you still need to configure device policies but Citrix did a great job turning the logic around. Instead of focusing on the device OS they created a logic around functionality.

So how do we go about adding device policies to the XenMobile 10 configuration.

  1. Log in to the XenMobile Management console;  https://<xms-fqdn:4443
  2. Go to Configure and select the Device Policies tab (right hand side)
  3. Next step would be to add a new device policy or select an existing policyXM10-DevicePolicies-1
  4. When you click add a wide arrange of options is available. Basically every option that all the different OS manufacturers allow on their devices (through the API’s of the OS). Most of them are for Apple Devices, then Android and some are for the rest. Now comes the clever bit: When the same functionality exists on the different OS systems you can now configure these through 1 policy.
  5. If we for example choose the WiFi option the following options would appear

    1. First we need to set a logical name: in this case I used “ -Wifi” as the name for this Pilicy
    2. On the lefthand side you will see the OS platforms on which this policy can be applicable. In this example that would be iOSm Android and Windows 8.1 Tablet.
    3. Next step would be to set the individual values for the different OS’s. In this example the networkname and Security type of the WiFi network you want to provision to the managed devices.

Have fun going through all the possibilities and configuring XenMobile 10.

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